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Scoot Boot Values

We think "customer first"

We care about the welfare of horses

We do the right thing

We look for ways to innovate

We work together to get the job done

We love helping people

It is important that our interactions with you, and the interactions between you and your customers are respectful. Please read through our Code of Conduct and share it with your team members

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Code of Conduct

At Scoot Boot, we value our stockists and the way we work together to help educate and promote the benefits of barefoot horses and Scoot Boot Hoof Boots and Accessories. 

Our customers come first in everything we do and we strive to innovate and impress our customers at all times. Our stockists must show the same care and respect for our customers and staff as we do. 


Our values guide us in all of our interactions, both internal and external. It is our expectation that you will follow these values in your interactions with our business and your customers. 


Our customer service philosophy is to treat every interaction as an opportunity to promote our product, educate our customers and to leave a lasting positive impression of Scoot Boot. 

Customer Service 

Please treat your customers, as well as the Scoot Boot Team, with respect. 

Listen, be polite and respectful and take your time to understand the needs of your customer. Do what you say you are going to do. It is your responsibility as a stockist to ensure that your customer is happy with their purchase. 

Have processes in place for your customers to exchange their purchase or to be refunded, as required. Be polite and respectful to any customer who wishes to exchange or to return their product for a refund. 

Respond to and rectify any valid and reasonable complaint made by a customer in a manner that is polite and helpful. 

Sizing and Fitting 

Take time to care about the welfare of the horses you’ve been entrusted to look after. This includes taking the time to understand the needs of the horse you are sizing and asking questions of the owners to help guide you to provide the right advice. 

The correct sizing and fit of the Scoot Boot is critical to the customer’s enjoyment of the products. Incorrect sizing or fitting may cause damage to the Scoot Boot brand and reputation. 

Be honest with your sizing advice. Do not pursue a sale if a horse has unsuitable hooves. Act with integrity and be open and honest with your customers. 


Product Knowledge 

Ensure you have a sound understanding of Scoot Boots, and how the equipment and accessories will benefit your customers. We have provided training modules for this purpose. Take the time to become familiar with all aspects of our products. 


Please respect our instructions regarding any information that is commercially sensitive. 

An example of this would be where we have notified you of a new product and have asked that you keep the information confidential. 

If you are in doubt about anything that relates to confidentiality, contact us directly for clarification. 

Our business relationship with you 

We value our relationship with you and we value our collective Scoot customers. 

The relationship we have with you is mutually beneficial and we depend on each other. If you have an issue or concern with any aspect of our products or services please contact us as soon as possible. Please give us the opportunity to resolve any issues or concerns at the first instance. 

If, at any time, we feel that your behaviour or actions are compromising, or have compromised, our brand or reputation, we will contact you to discuss our concerns. This may be via a phone call or email, whichever is most appropriate at the time. 

We will not publish any negative or unsupportive comments about your business and we would appreciate the same respect from you. 

A breach of the Scoot Boot Stockist - Code of Conduct may result in a decision to deactivate your account.

Code of conduct
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