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Scoot Boot Values

We think "customer first"

We care about the welfare of horses

We do the right thing

We look for ways to innovate

We work together to get the job done

We love helping people

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Code of Good Business Practices


  1. Scoot Boot Values

  2. Customer Service

  3. Product Knowledge

  4. Sizing and Fitting

  5. Brand Consistency

  6. Communication

  7. Returns Policy

  8. Confidentiality

  9. Professional Conduct

  10. Resolution of concerns and issues

1. Values 

Values At Scoot Boot, we value our Stockists and the way we work together to help educate and promote the benefits of barefoot horses and Scoot products. customers at al times. Our customers come first in everything we do and we strive to innovate and impress our Our customer service philosophy is to treat every interaction as an opportunity to promote our product, educate our customers and leave a lasting positive impression of Scoot Boot. Our commitment to excelence extends to every aspect of our business, including our relationships with Stockists and customers. We encourage our Stockists to share our commitment to excelence by observing this Code of Good Business Practices (the Code). By adhering to the Code, you wi l contribute to the promotion of barefoot horse care and maintain the reputation of Scoot Boot products while ensuring excelent customer service standards.

2. Customer Service

a. Listen to your customers and take time to understand their needs. Do what you say you are going to do. It is your responsibility as a Stockist to ensure that your customer is happy with their purchase.


b. Provide, if possible, an easy-to-navigate website for customers to explore the Scoot Boot product range and your services. A user-friendly website with clear contact information enhances the customer experience and fosters trust.

c. Haveprocesses set up to provide invoices and receipts for transactions.

d. Provide high-quality customer support and take ful responsibility for sizing and post-sale fitting.

e. Respond to and rectify any valid and reasonable complaint made by a customer with a friendly, can-do attitude upholding the values of integrity and respect.


3. Product Knowledge

Ensure you have a sound understanding of Scoot Boots and how the equipment and Utilise the Stockist Hub to increase your knowledge with the Scoot Boot training modules, step-by-step guides, updates and marketing materials.

4. Sizing and Fitting 

a. Correct sizing and fit is critical to the customer’s enjoyment of the products. Incorrect sizing or fitting may cause damage to the Scoot Boot brand and reputation.

b. Take time to care about the welfare of the horses you’ve been entrusted to look after. This includes taking the time to understand the needs of the horse you are sizing and asking questions of the owner to help guide you to provide the right advice.

c. Act with integrity and be open and honest with your customers. Do not pursue a sale if a horse has unsuitable hooves. Set realistic expectations, particularly with horse rehabilitation and transitioning to barefoot.

d. Sizing shels are a great tool for accurately sizing your customers, either in person or by hire. They must not be sold to end-users. They are not intended for riding and cannot be guaranteed for any activity beyond sizing.

5. Brand Consistency

Present a unified visual identity to reinforce the Scoot Boot brand to ensure customers recognise Scoot Boot products easily:

a. Showcase current Scoot Boot colours and models in all promotional materials and communications, including website imagery, social media platforms, and marketing materials.

b. Clearly define yourself as a Scoot Boot Stockist, and distinguish your business information. as an independent entity separate from Scoot Boot. Use of the Scoot Boot Approved Logo will help achieve this- please see logo usage for further

6. Communication

It's important to communicate clearly about Scoot Boot products and sizing.

a. Refer to the product descriptions on each product page on for online and traditional marketing, and sales.

b. Use the sizing guides for Scoot Boots, Scoot Enduros, and Scoot Skins provided by Scoot Boot. Do not use unofficial guides as it can confuse users and lead to errors.

7. Returns Policy

Acomprehensive returns policy is essential for customer satisfaction and trust.

Model your returns policy on the Scoot Boot retail returns policy and make it publicly


8. Confidentiality


Respecting confidentiality is vital to maintaining trust and integrity in business relationships. Stockists should adhere to confidentiality regarding commercialy sensitive information. Breaching confidentiality could significantly damage our marketing strategy and erode brand trust with our customers.

What is confidential information?

a. New product releases

b. New product variants- including but not limited to sizes and colours. 

c. Price changes

d. Sales or offers

e. Promotions

f. Brand partnerships

Your obligation with confidential information:

a. Keep it secure

b. Ensure team members and staff keep it secure confidential information

c. Tell Scoot Boot immediately if you think someone might be accessing or sharing Scoot Boot with confidential information with you before releasing it to the general public. Communication will include when public announcements will be made.


9. Professional Conduct

We will not publish any negative or unsupportive comments about your business, and we would appreciate the same respect from you.

10. Resolution of concerns and issues


We value our relationship with you, and we value our collective Scoot customers. Our relationship is mutually beneficial, and we depend on each other.

Code of conduct
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