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Scoot Webinars

Hosted by PHCP - Guest speaker Rob Featonby

You’ll hear from Rob Featonby, Scoot Boot Product Research and Development Specialist,  from Australia. He will cover the topics below.

– The benefits of using hoof boots
– Scoot Boot features
– Which boots fit which type of hoof
– Sizing and fitting Scoot Boots
– How to use Scoot Boots for rehabilitation
– Scoot Boot products and accessories

Rob has been using Scoot Boots since their inception and as an endurance rider, he has tested all models of Scoot Boots, Scoot Skins and Scoot Enduros across various rugged terrains. Together with his first hand knowledge of multiple brands, 25 years of trimming experience and hoof boot testing, Rob is a valuable resource of hoof boot insight and knowledge.

Thank you to everyone who attended our first Scootalks Webinar, hosted by Scoot Boot Co-founder Dave Macdonald. Dave answered our most commonly asked questions regarding fitting Scoot Boots over sliders for reiners

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