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We've made some eyecatching GIFs that you can use on your social media profiles to let your customers and followers know that Scoot Enduro 4 & 5 are coming soon!

Media Enduro 4 & 5 (Facebook Post (Landscape)).png

Social Media Assests

Enduro sizes 4 - 5 available now!


We have received great feedback from our stockists, encouraging us to expand the range of sizes in Scoot Enduros, allowing more Scoot options for your customers.  Scoot Enduros are now available in sizes 4 & 5 on our wholesale site. 


Stockists can purchase stock before we launch the new sizes to the retail market. 

Read on for:

  • Launch details

  • Sizing shell sale

  • Update to Enduro information

Important Launch details

Public announcement date:

On July 28 2023, our Scoot Social Media team will announce that the new sizes will be available for retail purchase from Scoot Boot in two weeks. Feel free to share this news with your followers, clients, and customers.



Retail launch:

10 August 2023 AEST - Scoot Enduros 4 & 5 will be available on our retail site.

This date is selected to give stockists time to receive their new Enduro sizes.


Enduro Sizing Shell Sale

From today all Enduro Sizing Kits will include Enduro sizes 00 - 5.

We have temporarily reduced the price to 50% off all Enduro shells

to assist you in updating your Enduro Sizing Kit to include the new sizes. 


*Use code at checkout



Update to product information

We have updated the accessories information on the Enduro Sizing Kit Guide with the new sizes. 

The Scoot Enduro Sizing Chart Guide has also been updated to reflect the new sizes.

You can access them both now.

* Please note that each customer is limited to purchasing one Enduro Sizing Kit and one of each Enduro Sizing Shell at a discounted rate of 50%. Use code ENDUROSHELL at checkout to apply the discount. 

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