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Size Scoot Boots

Build your confidence in sizing Scoot Boots in-person or online for your customers. 

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The variety of services our stockists can provide Scoot users and those looking to transition to barefoot are fantastic. In this newsletter, we highlight a few different services to consider; you may already offer one or more of these services.

As a Scoot Boot stockist, you must advise your customers and clients on sizing and fitting. A sizing service will improve customer satisfaction and reduce exchanges and refunds. Customers unfamiliar with the product will often measure past the heel buttress and purchase one or two sizes too big, and have retention issues as a result. An incorrectly sized Scoot can result in rubs or lost boots.

Shell hire

Stocking Scoot Boot sizing shells for customers to hire is a great way to get accurate sizing. Pre-size your customers via photos and select the shell sizes closest to their measurements, one size up and one size down. Customers can then send you photos of the shells fitted on the hooves for you to evaluate and confirm the correct size.

Sizing shells are also beneficial when determining whether the customer requires Scoot Boots or Scoot Enduros.

You can charge a hire fee and either reimburse it upon return or use the fee as a deposit on your customer’s Scoot Boot order. Please note that sizing shells are for sizing and fitting only and are not suitable for use when riding.

Scoot Hire


The next step up from hiring shells is hiring Scoots. It is a great option to repurpose any second-hand Scoot Boots and Scoot Enduros from exchanges. This works best for customers that are certain of their horse's size or in circumstances where you have sized the customer and they are still determining if they want to commit. Offering a trial period will help confirm if they have the correct size. A hire fee will incentivise your customer to purchase their Scoots from you.

In-person sizing Nothing beats face-to-face sizing but travel costs and time are important considerations if you are visiting customers for a stand-alone sizing service without providing a trim, massage or other services. Consider a call-out fee which can also work as a deposit towards the purchase of Scoots.

Tack stores

Operating online stores, brick-and-mortar tack stores or time constraints can impede you from personally providing in-person sizing. Partnering with local farriers or barefoot trimmers can be an excellent option in these circumstances. You can negotiate a referral payment between your business and the sizer.

Scoot Boot offer a sizing service to retail customers, so why not to stockists?



At the outset, we expect our stockists to be sufficiently knowledgeable and experienced in using our product to be able to assist the customer with the sizing process.


If Scoot Boot provides sizing advice, it can cause issues at a later stage when the customer may have to exchange. Therefore, we cannot provide a sizing service to your customers and clients.

It is essential that all Scoot users have a positive experience with the product to maintain the reputation of our brand. One point of contact throughout the sales process provides a seamless experience for the customer and will increase overall customer satisfaction.

We are available however to provide sizing guidance to our new stockists to give them a helping hand if necessary.

There is a wealth of information on the Stockist's Hub to enable you to provide sizing advice confidently. Please feel free to share it with your team.

Those stockists that are able to provide in-person sizing are at an advantage as this is by far the best way to size Scoot Boots.

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In-Person sizing

We believe the first step to success with selling Scoot Boots is knowing the product and understanding its application. 

We recognise our Stockists as an integral part of our business in providing an invaluable face to face service to our customers

Sizing Shells Demonstration

Julia, our certified barefoot trimmer and Scoot Boot sizing specialist has made this helpful video on how to use the Scoot Boot sizing shells to find the correct hoof boot fit.

Scoot Boot Sizing Kit

The sizing shell is only used for sizing and fitting. It is a Scoot Boot  without the security and front straps and cannot be ridden in.

Nothing beats the accuracy of sizing with our sizing shells. They can be used for in-person sizing or can be hired out.

Scoot Boot Sizing Shells
Sizing shell guide.png

Sizing Shell guide

Your Scoot Boot Sizing Kit includes a helpful guide. Read the guide here and save a copy.

Sizing Shell Guide
Online sizing
remote sizing deep purple.png

When requesting a client to send in pictures for sizing, it's important to ask them for a front and side view. This will help you evaluate whether the hooves are suitable for Scoot Boots.


You need to request four photos of each hoof -  two photos to determine suitability for Scoots and two sizing photos.



Suitability photo
- SIDE -

Ask your customer to hold the camera low to the ground when taking the picture. This side view will allow you to evaluate the shape of the heel and heel bulbs.

Note: Photos taken too high can distort the perception, making an accurate assessment of the hoof height difficult.



Suitability photo

Ask your customer to hold the camera low to the ground. This front view will allow you to evaluate the shape of the hoof wall.

Note: Photos taken too high can exaggerate the appearance of flare and add an elongated



Sizing photo

Ask your customer to start at the tip of the toe. The correct measurement is taken from the tip of the toe stopping at the heel buttress. 120mm or 4 3/4" in this example.

Note: Viewing the hoof clean from debris will help you see the heel buttress clearly. The measurement is 120mm or 43/4" in this example.



Sizing photo

Ask your customer to place their tape measure across the widest part of the hoof. )

Combining the measurement of the length and width will help you to determine the size.

Note:  The measurement is 120mm or 4 3/4" in this example. This hoof shape indicates a Scoot Slim.

Sizing photos
Sizing chart

Scoot Boot Chart

heel buttress.png

Measure to the heel buttress only, and not to where the hoof contacts the skin.

Scoot Boots _Mini guide.jpeg

This is a guide for stockist use only. Scoot Boot recommends in-person sizing for sizes M00-M3. Please do not publish this on your website or social media.


Sizing Mini's

It goes without saying the smaller the horse or pony, does not mean smaller problems or issues. Sizing on the smaller end of the scale can be tricky. Our experience in remote sizing for our customers with the M0, M00, M1, M2 and M3 has not been as successful as we would have liked it to be. This is the reason we originally removed the M sizes from our Scoot Boot Sizing Guide. We want to dissuade remote sizing for these sizes. However we appreciate your need for a guide for these smaller sizes and appreciate the feedback we have received on this.

We have made a separate chart for the M sizes just for our stockists. This chart is only to be used by you, your team members and fitters. It is not for the general public. Please do not publish it on your website or social media.

Sizing Mini's
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Hoof confirmations

  • Upright hooves are unsuitable for Scoot Boots, as the high bulbs do not suit the Scoot design.

  • High heels do not suit the Scoot design either. A good indicator for unsuitability is a ground parallel hairline.

Unsuitable hooves
sizing shells.jpg

Sizing Scoot Boots

This training module will explore selecting the right size Scoot Boots for your customers. Make sure you commence this module once you have completed our 2 Product Training Modules. 
We want you to feel confident about providing a sizing service so your customers are happy and returning. 

Sizing shell.jpg

Grow your confidence

We have created multiple training modules exploring our Scoot products. Each module is approximately 20 minutes and explores the functions, features, sizing and fitting of our products. You can take the modules anonymously and as many times as you wish.

Trainng module
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