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Stockist locator

Our Stockist Locator Map is a free marketing tool that enables you to be easily contactable and gain new business from traffic coming through the Scoot Boot website. Please fill out the form Located on your wholesale accounts page, with the details you are happy to make public.

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To keep all records on our Stockist Locator up-to-date, we will send out yearly emails requesting your opt-in. This will allow you to confirm your details and ensure accuracy. Of course, you can opt-out or update your information anytime through your account page. This gives you the power to keep your details current and maximise your visibility instantly.
We are committed to providing the best tools to showcase you as an approved Scoot Boot Stockist and connect with customers.

Example where to click:

View your current details on our Stockist Locator.

Terms and Conditions for Advertising on the Scoot Boot Stockist Locator

Our Stockist Locator is a powerful tool that enables customers to quickly locate nearby Scoot Boot Approved Stockists for sizing help and purchasing Scoot products. To maintain its effectiveness, accuracy and overall usefulness, we request your cooperation in complying with our advertising terms.


  1. Active Stockist Status: To ensure that we maintain an accurate Stockist Locator and deliver the best service to potential customers, we kindly request that purchases be made at intervals of no longer than 90 days. This will help us to identify active stockists who can readily assist with enquiries. Falling outside this time frame may result in temporary removal from our Stockist Locator.

  2. Reapplication: If your business has been removed from the Stockist Locator due to inactivity, you can email us at if you wish to reinstate your listing.

  3. Accurate Representation: You must accurately represent the products and services you offer.

  4. Responsiveness: You agree to respond promptly and courteously to enquiries from potential customers who find your business through our Stockist Locator. 

  5. Professional Conduct: You agree to maintain a high standard of professional conduct when dealing with customers. Unprofessional behaviour may result in the removal of your business from the stockist locator.

  6. Updates and Changes: Ensure accurate representation on our stockist locator by informing us of any changes to your business information, including address, contact details, or services.

  7. Removal: We may remove your business from our stockist locator if you do not meet these terms. 

  8. Review and Amendments: We may review and amend these terms and conditions periodically. 


By continuing to advertise on our stockist locator, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. 


We look forward to sending more potential Scoot Boot customers your way!

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