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We think it is a helpful tool for all our stockists. Download your copy below, share it with your team members and please contact us if you have any questions.

Stockist Guide


Log in screen does not recognise my email

We have three wholesale sites for our stockists, depending on their region. Your email and account are registered in either AU/EU/US stockist wholesale store.


A VPN will redirect you to our wholesale store for the region the VPN is connected to. For example, a US Stockist with a VPN connection to the United Kingdom will be direct to the EU store and you won't be able to log into that region's store.

Please disconnect your VPN to access your region's store.


Google autosave

If you are logged into Google Chrome with a different email address from your Stockist account. Your Google login username may have auto-saved this email as a log-in. You can check your auto-fills in Google Chrome settings and edit your autofill to match your Stockist email address. See video to find autofill in your Chrome browser.

Log in screen won't disappear 

If you have entered your email and password and clicked the login button, but the login screen reappears instead of your account page, then you should check if the top menu is showing. If it is, click on any of the menu options. This should remove the login screen for you.

In case the top menu is not visible, try logging in on a different browser or device. This might help you to bypass the login screen.

Payment page won't load

If you are using a browser that version is too out of date. An incompatibility will occur between the browser's security level and the security protections on the payment page. Try checking out in a different browser. Google Chrome or Firefox, Safari examples.

You can check if your browser is up to date here: 

It is important to use the latest version of web-browser for your payment security on the internet.

Do I need to purchase a sizing kit?

Yes, you will need to purchase a sizing kit prior to your first order. This is the most precise way to size for Scoot Boots and will minimise your workload around returns and exchanges.

Are there minimum purchase amounts?

Yes, minimum purchase amounts are the value of a pair of Scoot Boots.

What is the ordering time?

We aim to get your order to you as quickly as possible. You can expect orders for smaller orders to be delivered within 14 days and larger orders delivered within 21 days.

Can I combine Scoot Boots and Scoot Enduros for a bulk price discount?

Scoot Boots and Scoot Enduros are two different products with their own corresponding accessories content, manufacturing costs and prices. Our bulk price discounts are therefore separate.

Can I edit my order?

We endeavor to ship all our orders accurately and in a timely manner. We are unable to edit orders once they have been placed as the factory usually starts processing orders straight away, and any edits might get missed. Bulk discounts will not be applied to any manual order requests. If you have any urgent requests for items to be ordered under the minimum order value, please note these will incur shipping charges.

What to stock

What Scoot sizes should I stock?

To determine the most common Scoot sizes and accessories, consider location, prevalent horse breeds, climate, and popular riding disciplines. Seasonal changes can also impact accessory popularity, with Ice Studs being more popular in icy climates and Anti Slip Shims being useful in regions with dramatic wet and dry seasons.

To help you better understand these trends, we have provided a graph for your reference. Read on to view the common sizes in your region.