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Scoot Boot Care Instructions stockists2.jpg
Scoot Boot Care Instructions stockists.jpg

Are Scoot Boots easy to clean?

Yes, Scoot Boots are very easy to clean as they are a ‘one-piece’ moulding. There are no cables or Velcro and the boots can simply be hosed off at the end of a ride. Do not use any chemicals such as copper sulphate, insect spray or cleaning agents as they can react with the thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and damage your Scoot Boots, which will void your warranty.

Can I do my own repairs on my Scoot Boots?

Can I do my own repairs on my Scoot Boots?

Every pair of Scoot Boots is sold with spare knob hooks for easy replacement. The tools required for replacement are:

  • A Phillips Head screwdriver - long shaft

  • A regular screwdriver

Can leaving Scoot Skins on for extended periods result in hoof health issues?

Due to the air circulation, Scoot Skins allow the sole to ‘breathe’, which helps to prevent a buildup of bacteria or fungus. The soles can also be flushed and medication can be applied during the five week setting.

Please see our blog for more information on diseases.

Can I use hoof oils/grease when using Scoot Boots?

No, you cannot use any hoof oils or greases on the hooves while wearing Scoots. Oils and greases make the inside of the boots slippery. They are also unnecessary. A horse’s hoof wall consists of approximately 70% water. When conditions are dry, moisture is evaporated from the hooves and they reduce in size and become dry and brittle. You need to replace the water that was lost, but do not use grease or oil.

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