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How to check the fit of Scoot Enduros

The Scoot Enduro should fit snugly around the hoof wall, with adequate tension on the front straps, just like the Scoot Boot. Use the same techniques for checking the fit around the hoof wall as the Scoot Boot. If you are unfamiliar with fitting Scoot Boots, we recommend you start with Module 3 - Sizing Scoot Boots and Module 4 - Fitting Scoot Boots.

Scoot Boot recommends checking the fit in person if possible. After-service care is important in the successful use of Scoot Enduros. For remote fitting, you can guide your customer to put Enduros on with the Scoot Enduro Fitting guide.

Size & Fit Scoot Enduros

This training module will explore selecting the right size Scoot Enduross for your customers. Ensure you commence this module after completing our 2 Product Training Modules and sizing and fitting Scoot Boot Training Modules. 
We want you to feel confident about providing a sizing service so your customers are happy and returning. 

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Fitting enduros banner.jpg

As the Enduro has adjustable rear straps, the heel bulb check will vary from sizing Scoot Boots

The Rear Shank will determine if the length fit is correct.

Important, check the fit fully before applying any glue to the rear screws.

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