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Scootalks March Webinar

How to fit over sliders

We will be highlighting Scoot Boots for reiners. As the demand for a safe

turnout solution increases in the reining community, we will demonstrate how Scoot Boots can be fitted over sliders, how

you can increase your customer base, aid more horses with Scoot Boots and answer all your questions. Hosted by Dave Macdonald, Scoot Boot Designer and Co-Founder.


S​YDNEY, Australia

10:00 am, Mar 27 2024

NEW YORK, United States, New York

7:00 pm Tue, Mar 26 2024

DENVER, United States, Colorado

5:00 pm Tue, Mar 26 2024

LOS ANGELES, United States, California

4:00 pm Tue, Mar 26 2024

DALLAS, United States, Texas

6:00 pm Tue, Mar 26 2024

LONDON, United Kingdom, England

11:00 pm Tue, Mar 26 2024

BERLIN, Germany

12:00 am Wed, Mar 27 2024 

AUCKLAND, New Zealand

12:00 pm Wed, Mar 27 2024

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