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Scoot Enduro size 7 is here!

Thank you to all our Stockists who told us which Scoot Enduro size we should offer. The majority voted for a bigger size. The Scoot Enduro range now expands to size 7! 

Our very first equine customer to try out the Enduro 7s is Humphrey the Mule from New Jersey. We will be sharing photos of Humphrey in his new Enduros very soon.

As you know, we love mules and are actively promoting the benefits of Scoot Boot Enduros for mules, many of which are used on the trails. We are even sponsoring the Bishop Mule Days event in May which has a great theme for its 54th Anniversary, Keep Calm and Mule On.

Get your new sizing shell


Add size 7 Enduro Shells to your sizing kit now for half price.

Use code LUCKY7

at checkout.


The sale ends April 30, 2024. It can not be used in conjunction with any other sale or offer.


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