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Scoot Stockist Super Specials!

Free straps with every pair of Scoots!


We're pleased to launch our latest offer designed to help our valued Stockists attract more sales this season.

We're giving you a FREE pair of Front Straps with EVERY pair of hoof boots ordered.

It's a great way to pass on savings to your customers without impacting your margins.

How to order:

Add front straps to your order, choose your colour and checkout. You'll see the straps at zero cost.

Market to your customers!

We've even designed some banners to give you some ideas on how to promote the offer to your customers. 

Feel free to use these on your Social Media and on your website. Or even print and display them in your store.

*This offer is for Scoot Boot Stockists only. Customers need to purchase through you to redeem the offer.

The happy horses and dogs of Scoot Boots $1,000 prize!

We're on the hunt for the best looking Scoot Boot equine+dog photo. At Scoot Boots we love all equines and animals. And as most of our team owns dogs too, we now have a dog roster (only three dogs are allowed to join us in the office each day).

From Zeppy the Great Dane to Luna the Dachshund, the dogs of Scoots are always kept busy clocking on and off with their humans each day.

Scoot pups: Top Left Dachshund Luna, Cairn Terrier Bonnie, Staphy x Lab Zephyr, Great Dane Zeppy.
Top Right: Smithfield Collie Spaniel x Murphy—currently on Vacation! Bottom: Bonnie and Luna answering customer calls.

Share us your best picture of your equine and dog before the end of June on social media and tag us on Facebook @scootbootdownunder and Instagram @scootbootsdownunder. The Stockist who sends the best image will receive a $1,000 store credit on July 1!  

Don't miss out on your $25!

If you haven't filled out our brand survey, please do and get your $/€25 store credit today.

We value your feedback as we look at ways to improve and grow the Scoot brand with you!

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