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Stockist News April 24

Scoot Boot Brand Ambassador, James Arkins, is currently on his European campaign with four horses, one of which was flown in from the USA. Despite facing many obstacles during the journey down to Spain, James has now arrived in The Netherlands and is competing at a 1.3 level. You can watch James' latest update on how the tour is progressing and share it with your followers. James keeps one of his jumpers barefoot and uses Scoot Boots for training.

He also was featured in the latest issue of Equestrian Life Magazine where he talks about his hopes for making the Australian Olympics Team. 

Time to update your details! 

We’re getting closer to launching our new Stockist Locator Map so we can direct more potential customers from our website to you!

Thanks to everyone who has updated their details already. 

And if you haven’t updated your details please do it quickly so we can bring forward the launch. 

Our marketing team is planning to run paid campaigns to attract more visitors to the new Locator Map - so make sure you are on there to take full advantage.

Go to to make sure your business is included.

Your details will not go live until the changeover, and to keep the map up-to-date we’ll send yearly emails to you. 

Thank you for your partnership and support!

Trail Riding time! 

Team Scoot Boot is on the look-out for new Trail Heroes for 2024. As the trail season nears, it’s a great time to identify those serious riders who inspire us all.

Stockists can nominate Trail Heroes - they could be customers or contacts or even family members and friends.

Successful nominations are officially announced as Scoot Boot Trail Heroes and they are added to our website and trail heroes map online. They also receive a Trail Heroes branded riding gear to the value of $500 (AUD) and if they have a business, Scoot Boot will provide a marketing package of up to $5000 (AUD) to promote them. 

Here is our inaugural Trail Hero Rob Eversole sporting his branded gear that he received in time for his upcoming trail! 

Enduro 7 is here!

Thank you to all our Stockists who told us which Scoot Enduro size we should offer. The majority voted for a bigger size. The Scoot Enduro range now expands to size 7!


Get your new sizing shell

Add size 7 Enduro Shells to your sizing kit now for half price.
Use code LUCKY7
at checkout.

The sale ends April 30, 2024. It can not be used in conjunction with any other sale or offer.

Scootalks Webinar

Thank you to everyone who attended our first Scootalks Webinar, hosted by Scoot Boot Co-founder Dave Macdonald. Dave answered our most commonly asked questions regarding fitting Scoot Boots over sliders for reiners. If you weren’t able to attend live, we have recorded the webinar, which is available here on the Stockist Hub. Keep your suggestions for what webinar topics you’d like us to discuss next!

Let us know what topics or experts you would like to hear about next. Share your requests.

March Round up __________________________

March has been jam-packed with information and updates.

Here is the round-up if you missed any.

  • Terms of Trade update

  • New Code of Good Business Practices

  • Stockist Locator update

  • Reiners Scootalks

  • Addressing Stockist concerns

Thank you

Thank you to all our Stockists who have shared their feedback recently. We have taken the time to read all comments and emails, along with several phone calls. We are dedicated to continuing to improve all aspects of our business and that includes but is not limited to, communication, pricing pain points, fair market competition and expanding market reach for our Stockists.

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