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Stockist News March 24

The free strap offer continues; one week is left! As a thank you for your support, enjoy this special offer when you purchase a pair of Scoot Boots or Scoot Enduros. Add Front Straps, Pastern Straps, or Mud Straps to your cart for free with each pair ordered. Act now!* 


Also, mark your calendar for our Easter retail promotion in two weeks: 50% off straps for retail customers. This offer ends on March 11, 2024.

Launching Scoot Boot webinars

Scoot Boot is pleased to announce exclusive webinars for our Stockists.

Our monthly webinar series will be customised to cater to the needs and interests of our Scoot Boot Stockists. Each month, we will focus on a particular region or country and invite expert speakers to discuss various topics, such as Scoot Boots for new markets and disciplines and the farrier's perspective. If you miss the live event, you can always catch up on the recorded webinars on the Stockist Hub.

Please let us know what topics you would like us to include in our webinar series

How to size and fit over sliders

In March, we will be highlighting Scoot Boots for reiners. As the demand for a safe 

turnout solution increases in the reining community, we will demonstrate how Scoot Boots can be fitted over sliders, how

you can increase your customer base, aid more horses with Scoot Boots and answer all your questions. Hosted by Dave Macdonald, Scoot Boot Designer and Co-Founder. 

February Round up ___________________________________________

Spoga horse: Scoot Boot had a wonderful reception at Spoga Horse in Germany. “The level of interest in our product was surprisingly high and confirmed to us that the barefoot movement is gaining momentum across all of Europe and further abroad into markets such as Mexico, Middle East, Asia, and South Africa.” Annette Kaitinis CEO & Co-Founder

Parelli Annual Summit

As part of the partnership, Scoot Boot is able to participate in Parelli’s Annual Summit this month to engage with their

Members and Instructors.

Scoot Boot entered into a formal partnership with natural horsemanship company Parelli to help accelerate the barefoot movement across the US and globally.

Team Parelli also just released their endorsement video with Pat himself and one of his top mares, Magic’s Mirror.

Visit our website to learn more about the partnership:

We hope that more of the Parelli community move to barefoot and adopt Scoot Boots for their horses.

Brand Ambassador James Arkins EU tour

Scoot Boot Brand Ambassador James Arkins and his team have made the gruelling 37-hour journey from Australia to Europe safely. Follow James’ Show Jumping competition journey on Instagram jamesarkins. The Scoot Boot Team wishes James well; share your support, and let your followers know the sky’s the limit with Scoot Boots!

*Please note that we will launch a special Easter promotion for our retail customers in two weeks. During this promotion, retail customers will enjoy a 50% discount on straps of their choice.

Not to be used with store credit or other promotions, it ends at midnight Monday, 11 March 2024.

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