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Stockist News June 24

Have you entered?

Enter for a chance to win $1,000 store credit by sharing a happy photo of you with your horse or dog! Scoot Boot's social media audience, with over 70,000 followers, enjoys seeing the faces of our stockists and their adorable four-legged friends. Simply tag us on social media in your photo, and let the Scoot world know that you're an approved stockist. Provide your horse or dog's name, and your region. It’s that simple!

Enter before the end of June!

Tag #scootbootsdownunder for Instagram or #scootbootsdownunder for Facebook.

Free straps with every pair of Scoots!

Don’t miss out on your free Front Straps and attract more sales this season.

We're giving you a FREE pair of Front Straps with EVERY pair of hoof boots ordered.

It's a great way to pass on savings to your customers without impacting your margins.

How to order:

Add front straps to your order, choose your colour and checkout. You'll see the straps at zero cost. 

Grab your complimentary banner

These will assist you with advertising across your social media platforms. We've even created some banners to give you some ideas on how to promote the offer to your customers.

New Generation of farriers

Jennie Molliner has been highlighting farriers who support and assist her customers with Scoot Boots through her “New Generation Farrier” interviews in the Swedish magazine Tidningen Ridsport. These interviews feature farriers who are pivoting to barefoot hoof care and are keen to obtain their barefoot hoof care training and accreditation.

Markus Johansson of Knackes Hovslageri in Linköping.

Andreas Angman of Angman’s Horse and Human Care AB in Kolbäck.

Johanna Backheden of Johodo AB in Vittsjö.

All three are at the top of their game, incorporating Scoot Boots into their services. In recent interviews, they highlighted the ease and speed of fitting Scoot Boots for barefoot customers and noted that the profit margins were better than traditional iron shoeing methods.

Get found by potential customers

Are you a farrier but not yet on our new Stockist Locator? 


Do you work with farriers and barefoot trimmers to fit Scoot Boots for your customers?

Ensure your business and fitters are added to your Store Locator as fitters. Don’t let potential customers slip by!

Real-time updates: Update your locator details anytime from your accounts page.

Set multiple locations: Do you have multiple stores? Or employees and fitters who service different regions? Add multiple addresses to your account.

Stockist and Fitter options: Select each address as “Stockist” or “Fitter.” The fitter option allows you to add a different person's business details while still advertising you as the core Stockist for sales.

Add your details now to make sure customers can find you easily.

Does your region have a hero?

Showcasing a Trail Hero from your region. Someone who bravely tackles rough terrains and embraces the elements, taking their horses on extraordinary adventures. We believe every region has a story worth telling, and we want to feature your Trail Heroes on our website!

Do you have a customer who is a Trail Hero? We want to hear their story!  When you nominate a Trail Hero, they will be featured on our website, with you listed as their Stockist.  The more mentions the better. Having you listed as a Stockist on our website will improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to attract more customers.

Flexible ordering: Orders below minimum value

To improve our services and to allow you the freedom to place any small order you might need, we have introduced a flat shipping fee for any order under the cost of one pair of Scoot Boots.  If you have forgotten an item or need to place a smaller order, you can now do this, and your order will only attract a flat $20 postage fee. While shipping costs often exceed this amount, Scoot will cover the additional costs, making it easier to receive your orders whenever you need them.

As usual, you will receive free shipping if your order is valued at one pair of Scoot Boots or more.

$/€25 Store credit waiting for you!

If you haven't filled out our brand survey, please do and get your $25 store credit today. 

We value your feedback as we look at ways to improve and grow the Scoot brand with you!

May Roundup ________________________

Missed any updates in May?

  • US Stockist Alyson Scott attended the Equine Affaire expo in Ohio

  • Scoot Boot update - new CEO announced

  • Stockist Locator going live

  • Brand feedback survey

  • Nominate for Farrier of the year

  • Olympians using Scoots

Upcoming Events

Who: Karen Cox - Timberline Tack 

Where: Western States Horse expo

Murieta Equestrian Center, Sacramento, CA

When: 7th - 9th June 2024


Karen Cox Is attending the Western States Horse expo 7-9 June. If you are planning to attend, pop by Karen’s booth to say hello. Karen is a veteran of Scoot Boots and has a wealth of knowledge!

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